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The Cobalt Company

Cyanotype art from Jodhpur

The Cobalt Company is eponymous of Jodhpur in hue and spirit, specialising in everything cyanotype! An old photographic printing technique discovered in 1842 that produces blueprints. Our unique collection of artwork is a result of extensive experimentation and exploration combining Cyanotype with various mediums like photography and fine art.

We use it to make original photographs of Jodhpur and other architectural or natural landscapes taken during our travels.

We also make cyanotype fabric products like bags and wall hangings.

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Cyanotype Artist​, Accessory Designer

Tarini Kumari

Graduated from NIFT,Gandhinagar & Polimoda, Italy in Accessory Design. 

Design has always been the foundation of my work.

After working in the handbag industry in Mumbai for several years and interning with Aquazzura, Firenze after my masters' I rediscovered my interest in film photography.

Several years and many film rolls of experiments later I decided to learn about analog photographic processes from Vanderbilt University, Nashville. It introduced me to Cyanotype.

Everything I have learnt so far has brought me here.

Where I combine photography and design to make products that document nature and the world we see around us.

 What better way to do it, than in blue and white photographs that are exposed in natural light.



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